May 31, 2021


Being A Better Manager

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Being A Better Manager
Seeking Scale
Being A Better Manager

May 31 2021 | 00:34:37


Show Notes

Out of office – what will break if or when you are away? Nobody wants to be a micromanager or be told what to do. Craig and Andy talk about how and what they plan to do to be better managers and lead their teams. 

You know you’re getting older when you want to leave Las Vegas and get back home to sleep and get over a hangover. So, Andy’s back in the office and looking to delegate more for the next time he checks out for a few days to come back and not much needs to be done or fixed.

Craig is also looking forward to taking a week off during the summer. But before then, he needs to not get involved in things that don’t need his attention and time. His team will tell him, ‘We got this, go do something else!’

According to Craig, being a fun and effective manager is an asset, but it’s easy to be a jerk and  dictatorial manager. Empower your team by identifying priorities and setting realistic goals. What have you done this week and was it worth your time?

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