January 25, 2021


Doing Marketing That Isn't Worthless

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Doing Marketing That Isn't Worthless
Seeking Scale
Doing Marketing That Isn't Worthless

Jan 25 2021 | 00:37:09


Show Notes

Andy and Craig are optimistic about making marketing messaging worthwhile in 2021. Do fewer things that are effective to develop authority and make a positive impact. 

Andy talks about projects in the pipeline that are starting to come together and move forward. However, he is still unsure of how to navigate the power of product positioning. A product should speak for itself.   

Craig took the first step to pivot his business from public to private podcasting. Change can alienate customers, but Castos will continue to evolve and offer an even better product. It feels like what Craig needs to do and wants to do.  

You can’t please everyone all the time. So, you should be opinionated and aspirational toward your desired audience to answer the call to action and choose their own path.

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