November 12, 2021


EA, VA, COS, Oh my

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
EA, VA, COS, Oh my
Seeking Scale
EA, VA, COS, Oh my

Nov 12 2021 | 00:32:51


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about executive assistants (EA), virtual assistants (VA), chief of staff (COS), and much more to get things delegated and done, oh my!

Andy enjoyed gambling for work and taking a legitimate business expense for SaberSim at DraftKings – not all for not while living the dream. Also, Andy is working with Tim Francis from Great Assistant to find the right EA/VA because the goal is to work on the business and higher value things. 

Craig has been having fun exploring customer acquisition channels and experimenting with a few different things to attract enterprise-type clients. Craig’s plan for Castos focuses on education and awareness of public and private podcasting by using the recently launched Automations Engine.  
Also, Craig talked with Andrew Warner on Mixergy about private podcasting on the corporate side for internal podcasts as well as content/course creators and membership sites.

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