July 19, 2021


How and When We Do Strategic Planning

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
How and When We Do Strategic Planning
Seeking Scale
How and When We Do Strategic Planning

Jul 19 2021 | 00:35:15


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about how and when they do strategic planning to grow their businesses.

Craig tries to strike a balance between planning to strategically get work done. Although he tends to spend time planning and working, Craig needs to consistently relay and communicate strategic plans to make leaders and team members aware of future goals for growth.

Currently, Craig is strategically planning to hire more salespeople by working backwards from revenue goals for the next 12 months by product, commission, and schemas. 

Andy also has revenue goals that are not really based on anything. Instead, he focuses on product opportunities, improvements, content, resources, and what needs to get done by when. Being different from other brands and competitors is the key to growth without losing focus. 

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