August 16, 2021


Partnerships, and Swag

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Partnerships, and Swag
Seeking Scale
Partnerships, and Swag

Aug 16 2021 | 00:46:29


Show Notes

Andy and Craig talk swag for team members, customers, and partners. What’s the purpose of it? Where and on whom should startups spend money to be successful?

Craig shares how Castos created swag with a simple slogan in the form of T-shirts and hoodies for team members in the past using Printful. Also, he plans to add and send some more really nice swag such as water bottles and food for a rebranding project with the new logo for team members as well as specific customers. 

Craig leverages and coordinates partnerships, product integrations, marketing co-promotions, affiliates, and customers to recommend and promote Castos to other people and businesses. 

Andy recalls Hiten Shah encouraging businesses to buy better swag. The cost difference is minimal. For all the shirt swag that Andy has done, it’s been higher quality and comfortable. Swag is not only for marketing purposes, including to win contests on DraftKings or FanDuel, but for people to proudly wear and display it. 

Andy discusses how SaberSim spends about five-figures a year on swag, but it is more for customers, especially for those in the United States – not standard to ship internationally.

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