September 27, 2021


Redesign Launch and Pricing Updates

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Redesign Launch and Pricing Updates
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Redesign Launch and Pricing Updates

Sep 27 2021 | 00:32:31


Show Notes

Andy and Craig talk about being busy and a lot going on like always. But some of the parts of the business seemed slow, especially for Andy. It took a lot of focus, discipline, and the right team to get something done right.

Andy reports on the refactor/redesign rollout and pricing updates of SimSaber’s Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) app for football season. There was a false start the first few months, but working closely with developers and designers to get an end date and ship the new version of the app was worth the wait. 

Now, the app has added functionality, features, and works much better, especially for user experience. The redesign launch with pricing updates went as well as it could have with no major performance issues. It helps significantly with conversions, retention rates, and ROI.

Craig agrees that raising prices on current customers generally goes well because they get a lot of value out of the product. With new customers, they know Castos is the best place for their podcasts. The more successful their show is, the more marketing features they should unlock. As their show grows, Castos’s functionality grows with them.

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