April 13, 2022


Time to slow down

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Time to slow down
Seeking Scale
Time to slow down

Apr 13 2022 | 00:27:54


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about not having time to focus on or dive deep into anything, such as content marketing and business development to generate revenue, cash flow, and reach goals/results. Slow down, chill out, and don’t try to do everything because time is the best thing for growth and company maturity.       

Craig mentioned how Castos presented the first annual Enterprise Podcast Summit on March 10 to show how companies can use podcasting internally or externally. Event partners included descript, SquadCast, Pocket Casts, and Content Allies. It will be interesting to figure out the summit’s business impact. 

Andy discusses how he has experimented with affiliate/integration partnerships and promotions but has not gained much traction or significant scale. It’s hard to get it to work and takes a lot of effort. Instead, maybe think about the big picture and relax!

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